At BOL, we're on a mission to help reverse our negative impact on the planet by inspiring people to eat more plants. These are the promises we make to ensure we set the bar high in our pursuit of sustainable and ethical practices. 


We promise meat, fish or dairy will never be included in any BOL recipe moving forward. Mother nature does it best, and our quality ingredients highlight the power of plant nutrients and plant protein. Our recipes will always avoid artificial additives, preservatives, colourings or nasties. 

awesome taste

We promise our globally inspired food will always deliver a taste sensation. Our chefs and nutritionists strive tirelessly to strike the perfect balance between nutritious and delicious in every BOL we create.

always care

We promise to do business responsibly, respecting both people and the planet. We are actively executing initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and will continue to positively disrupt some of the ‘norms’ across the food industry. Read more.

give back

We promise to keep supporting those less fortunate than us. This has been part of the BOL DNA since our launch in 2015, when we donated 100% of our first-year profits to Action Against Hunger. We also work with some incredible local food charities, donating 1000’s of meals each year. Food is our force for good. 

always improve

We promise to tirelessly work on improving and never slow-down. Every day we look for innovative and creative ways to evolve. We live by the grandpa test: success to us means looking back on our decisions with pride.