London's top plant-based restaurants: A guide by neighborhood

Going out + eating plant-based? No problem. Here are our favourite places to get the best 100% plant-based food in London. Pick anything you’d like and don’t think twice! From street food carts to formal restaurants, these places are serving up some of the best plant-based food in the city, from indulgent to healthy and across different cuisines. We’ve rounded them up by neighborhood. There’s only one thing left to do - try them all. 

East London

Black Cat – Hackney 

East London is the undisputed epicenter of London's plant-based foods (for now). Black cat café has a laid back, approachable and diverse vegan food offering. From classic comfort dishes such as lasagna and curry to healthy salads and smoothies, there is guaranteed to be a dish for any mood. The café truly embraces its ethical stance by operating as a workers cooperative and giving back to the local community in many ways. Head over to the café to support their delicious food and admirable mission.

Image courtesy of @BlackCatHackney.

Cookdaily – London Fields 

Cookdaily epitomizes the new vegan cool. Chef and founder King Cook has become an outspoken figurehead of the vegan community and an absolute influencer in his own right. CookDaily first launched at BoxPark in Shoreditch and immediately become a sensation. The dishes are colourful homages to the diverse flavours of London: from mushroom pie to noodle bowls and everything in between. The popular eatery has finally moved to a brick and mortar location at London Fields – congrats on the big move, CookDaily! 

Image courtesy of @CookDailyLondon.

Fed By Water - Hackney

When you think burrata, the word vegan doesn’t usually follow. The exact opposite is true at Fed By Water. This Italian eatery makes its own vegan cheeses in house, delicacies that can be enjoyed in their café or packed up and taken home for later. Enjoy pasta, pizza and all the joys of the Mediterranean diet.

Image courtesy of @FedByWater

Club Mexicana - Shoreditch 

“If you’re looking for chickpeas and chia seeds, you’re in the wrong place!” The eatery’s tagline says it all. Club Mexicana offers tacos, burritos and all the banging flavours of Mexican-inspired cuisine in 100% plant-based form. The joint has been a cornerstone of KERB street food's vegan offering and an instant crowd pleaser. If you’re looking to convert non plant-based friends, this is the place to win over hearts and minds. Club Mexicana are also the masterminds behind The Spread Eagle, London’s first 100% vegan pub. What’s not to love?

Image courtesy of @ClubMexicana

West London

222 Vegan – Hammersmith 

222 has been around since 2004 and is still going strong. If that isn’t all the recommendation you need, then head over to see for yourself. 222 serves up a lovely variety of approachable dishes such as pumpkin and pine nut risotto or seitan stroganoff. The eatery is much loved for its delicious and affordable lunch buffet, a reliable option for when you’re on the go.

Image courtesy of @222VeganCuisine

Tell your friends – Parsons Green 

Tell Your Friends is nestled in a bright and beautiful corner of west London. This casual eatery has the vibe of an approachable upscale restaurant. The menu draws inspiration from cuisines all over the world. It’s the perfect place for a fancy-feeling dinner at an approachable cost. 

Image courtesy of @tyfldn

Farmacy – Notting Hill 

Farmacy embraces the value of food as medicine: organic, wholesome, plant-based foods for a healthy mind and body. This beautiful restaurant is a relaxed and harmonious place to catch up over breakfast and an oat milk latte. Farmacy is also one of the first London vegan restaurants to experiment with CBD, offering a “High Tea” for £42 a person. 

Image courtesy of @FarmacyUK.

North London

Temple of Seitan – Camden 

Sometimes you need salads and chia seeds, sometimes you need some juicy fried chicken. Located in Camden and Hackney, the temple offers a range of plant-based burgers and chicken nuggets that will fulfill your wildest “junk food” dreams. 

Image courtesy of @TempleOfSeitan

Comptoir V – Kensal Rise  

Comptoir V offers a range of tasty Moroccan-inspired dishes in a welcoming middle-eastern themed space. Head over with a few friends and order as many meze as you think you can handle. Spicy beetroot hummus and the shakshooka are some of their many crowd pleasers. 

Image courtesy of @Comptoir_V.

Itadaki Zen – Kings Cross 

This cosy Japanese restaurant is 100% plant-based. Satisfy your vegan sushi and udon noodle dreams while sipping on green tea. Every dish is made-to-order with great respect and appreciation for their ingredients. Student? Enjoy an additional 10% discount off your bill. 

Image courtesy of @ItadakiZen

South London 

Café Van Gogh – Brixton 

Café Van Gogh is a non-for-profit social enterprise with a (tasty) heart of gold. Not only does the café offer job training for the disadvantaged, it will also soon launch a series of cooking classes for parents cooking on a budget. Their seasonal menu features a small range of tasty plant-based dishes ranging from pies to chilli bowls. This mission-driven café is your perfect go-to brunch spot. 

Image courtesy of @CafeVanGogh01.

Picky Wops – Peckham 

In the buzzing center of newly launched Peckham levels you will find the tiny mecca of London’s plant-based pizza, founded by two Italians eager to show the world that pizza and vegan are not opposing forces. Pick-your-own base from flavours like Hemp, Multigrain, Burned Wheat, Kamut, Turmeric and Spirulina. Top with loads of delicious veg, pesto and plant-powered cheese. How’s that for the future of food? 

Image courtesy of @PickyWops.


Wulf & Lamb – Chelsea  

This plant-based eatery aspires to a world where wolf and lamb live in harmony. Their menu is packed with comfort food. Their chilli “non” carne is delicious and their plant-based burger is likely to deceive even the most unwavering carnivore. Although the restaurant runs like a fast food joint (with clients ordering at the counter) their second floor has a stunning fine dining feel to awaken your inner kings and queens. 

Image courtesy of @WulfandLamb.

By Chloe – Covent Garden 

The much-anticipated By Chloe restaurant has made it to London! On the heels of its US fame, this casual eatery is the stuff of plant-based millennial dreams: the perfect combo of cool and drool. Stop-in for their very instagrammable burger and a chunky chocolate chip cookie, but be warned – you might be swarmed by like-minded, plant-loving humans. 

Image courtesy of @EatByChloe